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How to Start Growing Your Hair LongNHealthy

Basic Hair Products to Purchase Immediately

A Cleanser (Shampoo or Co-Wash Conditioner)
A Penetrating Deep Conditioner
A Leave-in Conditioner
A Water-Based Moisturizer
Hair Vitamins 
Satin/Silk Scarf, Bonnet, or Pillow Case 

*A hair regimen is absolutely necessary to have long and healthy hair!*

Here is a Basic Hair Regimen to Get You Started

  1. Cleanse hair 1 - 2xs per week with your choice of shampoo/conditioner
  2. Deep condition hair 1x week for at least 30 minutes
  3. Once hair is clean and deep conditioned, apply leave-in conditioner to hair
  4. Try to use your fingers to detangle your hair. If you must use a comb, make sure it is a wide tooth comb. This will decrease breakage significantly!
  5. Moisturize hair every day
  6. Sleep with satin scarf, bonnet, or pillow EVERY night
  7. Limit heat usage. You should not use a flat iron, blow dryer, or heat curler more than 1 - 2xs per month. THIS IS KEY IN HAIR GROWTH RETENTION!
  8. Take pictures! We tend to not be able to notice change in our hair unless it is drastic. Taking pictures throughout your journey will show you your progress and encourage you.

Still not sure how to get your hair back to health? Fill out a hair consultation form and I will personally teach you!