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Hair Goals

Pocahontas!! Yes my hair inspiration is a cartoon character but this woman has the hair that I'm trying to achieve: very very long hip length hair with THICK ENDS!! Ever since I was a little girl, I was captivated by her hair and now that I'm older and see that it is possible, I WILL get there some day!

Hair Length Goals
Neck Length: April 2015 (Achieved)
Shoulder Length: August 2015 (Achieved)
Armpit/Midback Length: February 2016 (Achieved)
Brastrap Length: July 2016
Waist Length: September 2016
Hip Length: January 2017
**Pocahontas Length: April 19, 2017 (2 Year Anniversary)**

In order to reach my hair length goal in 2 years, I would need to grow my hair twice as fast: 1 inch per month. LET'S DO THIS!