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What is SNAPPEE?

SNAPPEE is a black owned business created by Keziah. She was inspired to create a versatile, hair-friendly accessory to support her natural hair styles but much more a hair tie that would not damage her hair when using it. Between the standard bun for the gym, afros and up-dos for auditions, Keziah had only wished a hair accessory existed to transform her hair throughout the day. Thus, the SNAPPEE, Snap-Off Hair Tie was born!  

My Dilemma
The curly puff is one of my favorite styles since going natural, however, everytime I tried to wear one, my hair would get snagged in the hair tie. Because of this reason, I stopped wearing the my hair in a puff and resorted to other hair styles that didn't require a hair tie as I was not a supported of breakage.

Receiving SNAPPEE in the mail was a answer to my prayers as when I used this hair tie to put my hair up, MY CURLS DIDN'T GET CAUGHT! I no longer had to worry about breakage!

Hair Tie
You can use a single SNAPPEE to put your hair in a ponytail.

Simply snap both ends of the tie together and VOILA! You have a snag free hair tie for your up-do's and low ponys!

To create a headband using the SNAPPEES, you will need 2 of the SNAPPEES. Simply snap one SNAPPEE to the other. You can use the same color or mix and match to add a bit of fun to your look.

The same method you used to create a headband, is the same method you will use to create your puff. Once your hair is in a curly set, whether using a curling jelly to set your natural curls or manipulating your curls by doing a braid-out or twist-out, you will want to bring all of your hair to the top of your head and pull the band all the way to the top to trap the curls in the band.

Final Thoughts
Overall I LOVE these SNAPPEE hair ties! It makes wearing up do's a lot more enjoyable. The take down is super easy where all one has to do is unSNAP and BAM the hair tie is off and all of our natural thick curls are free to be without any damage caused! If you are interested in purchasing your own SNAPPEES, just click the logo below. And don't forget your 10% off coupon code "myfirstsnappee."