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Healthier Hair with Vanity Planet

I have recently had the pleasure of using a few of Vanity Planet's products and I just need to take a moment to rave about them.

Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

What Is It?

The brush gently lifts away dead skin cells and increases circulation to keep your hair and scalp healthy and clean. 

It comes in 4 different colors. Green, Purple, White, and Black to help accommodate the personalities of their consumers. I personally got mine in green only because it didn't come in pink.

The brush is waterproof with sturdy but flexible brushes at the end to ensure that it lifts up all of the dirt and build-up. Sure it keeps your scalp clean but the vibrations of the brush also stimulates the blood flow in our scalp, thus increasing hair growth.

How It Works

  • Press the “ON/OFF” button to activate your Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush 
  • Hold the device in the palm of your hand with the rubber bristles facing away from you 
  • Rest the handle between your index and middle finger for a firmer grip and better control 
  • Gently rub the soft, rubber tips on your scalp as desired 
  • Feel free to use the brush with shampoo and conditioner 
  • After use, press the “ON/OFF” button again to deactivate the massager

My Thoughts

This brush is amazing because once you have installed your single AA battery into the sealed compartment and hit the single on/off button, the brush starts vibrating. The moment I put the brush to my scalp, I immediately felt comfort. If you have every had a scalp massage, whether professional, a shampoo at the salon, or someone playing in your hair, you can imagine how this brush may feel. 

I will admit that it is a bit more powerful than your fingers but nonetheless effective. The sturdy and flexible bristles do an excellent job removing buildup from the scalp. I admit to having trouble getting my scalp thoroughly cleansed more often than I'd like, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that no residue was left on my scalp after using this brush.
Overall I think this is an amazing product and is talked about a lot for a reason. 

The added bonus to this brush is that it doesn't have to only be used in the shower but can be used as a daily scalp massage for those of us who are trying to achieve faster hair growth on the regular.

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Remi Moisturizing and Restorative Hair Treatment

There is a product that Vanity Planet also sells that may not be as popular as the shampoo brush but properly more beneficial.

What Is It?

Remi is a moisturizing hair treatment packed with enriched oils and vitamins to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous. Consider this mask the rejuvenating answer to your dry, damaged, and dull hair troubles.

How It Works

This natural and chemical-free oil  hydrates dry and damaged hair, boosts shine and volume, repaits and prevents split ends. You simply heat up the oil and apply it to damp hair. You then apply a plastic cap for 30 minutes to an hour and wash out. The results are beautiful healthy hair.

My Thoughts

When I first used this product, I was immediate attracted to the smell. It smells so sweet and delicious. I loved it! After heating the oil in a bowl of hot water and applying it, I was amazed at how fast my hair was moisturized. I am comparing this oil to my usual extra virgin coconut oil and I am telling you that the results do not compete! Never has my coconut oil felt as smooth gliding through my hair as this oil! It made de-tangling a breeze!

Although the instant moisture, shine, and de-tengling were all spectacular benefits, the REAL game changer and reason why I just may have to replace my coconut oil with this oil is the results! My hair turned out SO SOFT! Yes my hair is usually soft with my coconut oil as well but this was out of this world! I also could not believe how HEALTHY my hair looked! Extremely shiny with smooth cuticles all over ma head! 

It looked super moisturized like I could go swimming in the moisturized pool that was held captive in my hair! The oil is just that amazing. I seriously have to add this to my regimen as it has severely changed my hair and the way I look at hot oil treatments!

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