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Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil may be the most popular and most accessible growth aid around! Have you noticed that most growth-aids can't be found in stores, but have to be bought online? It can be very inconvenient for someone ready to start their accelerated growth journey immediately! Not to mention, can be a pain when we get to those last few drops in the bottle unexpectedly, and need to restock immediately!

WGHO goes for about $8.00 for 4 fl oz. which has proven to be one of the least expensive growth aids I have come across! One bottle, when used as directed, has lasted me AT THE LEAST, 2 months! That is quite a long time for a product that costs me less than $10.00!
The easy access to this product is the first great thing among others of why I really like this product. Not only can it be bought online, but you can also find it at ANY of your local Sally Beauty Supply stores! AND FOR A GREAT PRICE!

Now another reason and THE MAIN REASON, why I really like this product is because of it's effectiveness! Not is this oil super moisturizing to my strands, but it has proven to increase my hair growth rate!

A product that gives my hair moisture, shine, AND extra growth is a GREAT product in my book!

Now one of the most concerning things about this product that most ladies seem to mention before even applying the product is it's smell.

Now to me personally, WGHO doesn't smell all that bad, HOWEVER, it won't get you compliments from your coworkers if they happen to get a whiff of your hair. 
WGHO smells like a unique blend of spices, and that may mainly be due to the fact that one of it's most effective ingredients includes Sulfur.

Sulfur is a common natural scalp simulator which help increase blood flow for that extra length we are looking for. I personally don't mind compromising a floral scent for healthy stimulating hair growth.

Sulfur is not the only natural ingredient in this amazing oil. In fact, it is chalk full of them! 

WGHO includes ingredients such as Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin D, Choline, Inositol, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, and Calcium!

This oil is definitely on the thicker side of oils. Because of that reason, a little bit is all it takes to get the best results from it. Applying just a little to the finger tips, while massaging it throughout the hair and scalp every other night is all that is needed.

If one applies more than the recommended amount, bad build up is sure to happen! The first time I used this oil with the Inversion Method, I DRENCHED my hair with it leading to seriously bad buildup on the scalp! Washing was definitely a nightmare and both my hair and fingertips were grey! I recommend washing your hair 1 - 2xs a week when using this product as instructed. It will keep your scalp happy!

WGHO is currently my favorite growth oil and I see it in my regimen for quite some time.

- Easily Accessible
- Affordable
- Effective (Moisture, Shine, Growth)
- Natural Ingredients

- Strong Smell
- Thick
- Build Up

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