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The Puff

The Puff is one of the most popular styles among the natural hair community. It seems that the bigger the puff, the more admirable the hair. It's the style that most newly naturals hope to achieve right after the big chop. For me, however, it took me a little while before I could achieve a decent looking puff. 

When I was transitioning, the puff was the style I look forward to the most. I just couldn't wait to rock the beautiful bush of curls at the top of my hair for the very first time. So of course, when I finally big chopped back in April 2015, the puff was the first hairstyle I ran to. I am sad to say that I was highly disappointed. 

After cutting off all of my relaxed ends, I soon learned that I didn't know how to do ANYTHING. As you can see from the picture below, I was not fully aware of the skill level it took to put all of my hair at the top of my head. LOL

I am glad to say that after a few more practice runs, better hair ties, and a few inches of hair more, I started getting the hang of a puff.

If you're struggling with making a puff, here are a few tips to know:

1. Hair Ties Matter

Get a medium sized hair tie. Not the small ouchless bands and not a full headband. But the kind in between. I found a really good quality of medium ties at Wal-Mart.

2. Accessories Matter

No puff is complete without a cute scarf, headband, or hair jewlery to complete the look. It gives your puff a lot more personality.

3. It's Okay to Play

After the tie and hair is in place, you may find your puff a bit lopsided. It's ok to touch and play with your hair to give it that nice rounded shape.