My Journey to Pocahontas Length

My Journey to Pocahontas Length

As most of you may know, my ultimate hair goal is to achieve long and healthy Pocahontaslength hair. I have wanted hair like her my entire life and now that I know how to grow out my hair, I WILL achieve that goal.

Although I was only a few inches away in 2014, my ends were just not thick enough to achieve hair like hers which resulted in me cutting them, inch by inch. I finally decided that if I’m going to ever reach my hair goal to be as long, healthy, and THICK as Pocahontas, I would have to do it with my hair at its MOST HEALTHY state.

 I then made the decision to stop applying chemicals to my hair as they were not helping my hair with its thickness. I transitioned for 1 year and finally big chopped on April 19, 2015.

Since big chopping, I have had the pleasure of getting reacquainted with my hair in learning more about it than I ever have before. After a few months of bonding time, my hair and I have come up with a regimen in which we are both happy with. I am now ready to grow my hair down my back!

A lot of you know me for my growth aids and rapid hair growth stories. I am no stranger to growth aids and definitely plan on using them to reach my ultimate goal. I took the time out to measure different parts of my back in order to see how long it will take me to reach my ultimate goal.

I discovered that if I can manage to keep my ends in good condition and retain all of my length, I will be able to get to my ultimate goal in a total of 3.5 years. However, if I add growth aids to my regimen and am able to accelerate my growth rate twice as fast ( 1 inch per month) then I will be able to reach my ultimate goal by my 2 year natural hair anniversary!! When I saw this, of course I decided to shoot for the stars to see if I can grow my hair from neck length to tailbone length in 2 years. Sounds impossible. Heck! 3.5 years sounds impossible! But my question to myself is why not?
I am writing this post to document my hair journey to see just how long it takes me to get there. I am also on Youtube but there is nothing like coming back to a well written blog post to read in detail just how successful a journey has been. I am blogging this journey for myself, but am leaving it public for anyone else who may be inspired with similar goals.

April 2015 – August 2015

I managed to go from neck length to shoulder length (2 inches) in a matter of 4 months. This is my normal growth rate of 0.5 inches per month.  I usedHairfinity, Nature’s Bounty Gummies,and Bamboo Leaf Tea. I managed to gain 1 inch in 1 month but then stopped using the growth aids and fell back into my normal growth rate.

September 2015 – October 2015
This is where my accelerated growth journey truly starts. I am shooting for 1 inch this month.  My regimen is:
1. Keep hair braided
2. Apply Wild Growth Hair Oil every other day
3. GHE every other night
4. Take Maxi-Hair Vitamins
Here is my starting photo 

f this regimen works, I will continue the journey on for another month to see if I can get consistent results. But that’s a post for another day. :)
**September 22 Update**
I have some free time on my hands today and tomorrow and didn't want to wait another week to put my hair in a long term protective style. I went ahead and did my length check a week early and here are my results:

 3 week comparison
EEEEK!! My regimen works!!! I have gained about an inch of growth in less than a month! I am feeling confident in this plan and will continue to use the vitamins, oil, method, and hair style for the remainder of the year! 
October 2015 - November 2015
Protective Styles
I purchased some Senegalese Twists crochet braids. I wanted box braids but am just not comfortable with how tight it pulls on my hair.

After only keeping these in for a week, I took them out. Almost experienced some bad breakage and have decided that I'm officially done adding extensions to my hair. I decided to try twisting my natural hair instead and fell in LOVE with the results! However, due to laziness, I resorted back to my wash n gos. 

October is also the month where I locked in my regimen! After 6 months of being natural, I FINALLY got my hair regimen down!! I also decided to add Silica and Gro-Aut Oil for the month of October.

October 2015 Growth
I'm not impressed with Gro-Aut Oil and will be taking it out of my regimen for the month of November. I had to do the inversion method. I received 0.5 inches and got my full 1 inch for the month.
2 Months Growth Progress 

November 2015 
For the month of November I didn't use any topical growth aids. All I did was continue to take my Maxi-Hair Vitamins and GHE (2.5 full weeks). I also just wore my hair in a puff most of the time as my hair is in this seriously awkward stage that I can't stand and now I hate wearing it in its wash n go state. I did not do a length check on Dec 1 to see how much growth I got for the month of November as I am feeling like constantly pulling my hair down every month is thinning my hair. That may not be true but that's how I'm feeling so I am trying to spread my length checks out to every 2 or 3 months. 
December 2015
I went back to what has yet to let me down: Hairfinity and Bamboo Leaf Tea. These are the ONLY products I incorporated into my regimen. My protective style of choice is mini twists. I felt like I was getting breakage from the puffs all of a sudden and that HAD to stop. Because I am in mini twists, I am not cowashing my hair weekly or adding products to it. I M&S every few days with Water and Sweet Almond Oil. THAT'S IT! Super simple regimen. 

January 2016
I took out my mini twists and am now rocking my natural curls. I did a mini "length check" (measuring the back left side of my hair) and I am at 10.5 inches. Meaning I retained 1.5 inches within the last 2 months. I was shooting for 2 inches but I didn't do much in the month of November so it makes sense. I am still taking Hairfinity and drinking my tea but I have now incorporated GroDrenaline GrowBalm into my regimen. This is supposed to give me 3 inches in 7 weeks just like the Hairdrenaline. We will see. I am hoping to get 1.5 inches this month in order to reach my APL goal by February. WE WILL SEE!
February 2016
My goal for Feb 1 was to be 12 inches aka APL. I checked one side of my head on Jan 29 and it was a bit hard to measure. It looks like its around 11.5 inches. I now see why naturalistas just measure based on points on their body. To me it looks like I am grazing APL. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to claim it fully. As for the Growbalm, I am not impressed although I can't complain too much because I did not apply it every single day as directed. I wasn't consistent at all and only applied it when I felt like it. I still have a little bit in the jar remaining plus a whole nother jar untouched. I'm going to just put the jar back on the shelf and go back to my Wild Growth Oil. I am getting annoyed with trying out so many different growth aids that I'm going to try to just stick with 1 oil to accompany my trusty Hairfinity and bamboo leaf tea. I am still rocking the twists and will continue for the rest of the year. (Hopefully.)

Feb.15, 2016 UPDATE
I found a better/more accurate method for myself that works when it comes to measuring my hair WITHOUT straightening it. Thats pulling it down as far as I can, marking the area on my body, and then putting the measuring tape for measurement. Anyhoo, its mid-Feb and with the help of Wild Growth Hair Oil I got to my goal length!! I am officially claiming APL and 3 inches in 3 months!

Stay tuned!