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Moroccan Red Clay Mask

When I first heard of washing your hair with dirt I was like "Whaaaaaaaaat?! That sounds...weird." It was hard to wrap my mind around it. But as I began to read more and more about its benefits, I was like " I have GOT to try this stuff!"

The usage of Red Clay goes way back into ancient times. Red Clay is also known as Rhassoul Clay, originally mined from Morocco. It is known to get rid of build up, relieve itchy scalp, moisturize hair, soften hair, and define curl pattern.

My Process
Mixing the clay was a breeze. All I did was measure out 1/2 cup of clay with enough warm water to make a pudding-like consistency. I used my clear, pink plastic mixing bowl and a plastic spoon to mix the clay. It is said that using metal will affect the properties of the clay so staying away from any metal when applying this clay is best. Once mixing, I applied the clay to my hair. I soon found out the the wetter the hair is, the easier it is for the clay to glide through my hair. I could practically detangle with it! I applied it to both my scalp and my hair since I was using it to clarify any build up I had on my scalp.

It was all a very enjoyable experience, however, it is a pretty messy process so make sure to have a towel nearby when applying. Before I washed out the clay, I allowed it to sit on my hair and scalp for 1 hour under a plastic cap to keep the clay from drying out. 

Moroccan Clay Hair/Face Mask

Rinsing the clay out was a bit easier than I thought. As soon as I saw all of the brown liquid hitting the tub, I immediately got worried that it would stain, however, it all rinsed down the drain and left the tub clear. There were absolutely NO stains which made me VERY happy! I didn't use any shampoo or conditioner, as I wanted to test how the clay worked alone. 


The results were clean, soft, defined curls. Once product was applied, the curls were poppin all over!

Final Thoughts
I had fun mixing, applying, and rinsing the clay out of my hair. It also felt amazing knowing that I was practicing a technique that the ancient people would practice often for beautiful hair. However, I am not super impressed with the curl definition. It seems that most naturals run to this product because it helps define the curl pattern, however, I feel as though my curls are generally super defined and I didn't see much of a difference here. I used this clay twice and felt the same way about both. I don't think one needs to shampoo, condition, or deep condition when using this product because this clay does wonders in cleaning and conditioning hair all on its own. I will mention, however, that my hair felt a bit weird when touching it but nothing that would scare anyone away from using it. Over all I would give this product 3 out of 5 stars and reccommend that everyone out there gives it a try!

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