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Hairfinity Vitamins

Hairfinity. Probably the most well known hair, skin, and nail vitamins on the market today. You can't look up any hair vitamins without coming across these popular ones. But WHY are they so popular?

Benefits of Hairfinity

Hairfinity states that unlike most hair care products which only work on the surface, Hairfinity work to improve the condition of your hair from the inside of your body, giving your hair the nutrients it needs to look its healthiest. The state that their formula provides special ingredients that contain sulfur and amino acids to encourage healthy hair.


Hairfinity is filled with lots of healthy vitamins that will help your hair to THRIVE! MSM, Biotin, and Horsetail are personally my favorite ingredients that I feel help my hair flourish the most. 


A naturally occurring sulfur-containing compound. Sulfur contributes to the overall healthy, strength, and elasticity of the hair while lengthening the growing phase resulting in longer hair.


Increases the elasticity of the cortex of the hair, thereby preventing and minimizing breakage.


An herb rich in silica. Silica helps the skin and hair radiate in a healthy glow.

Each bottle comes with 60 tablets which is enough for a 30 day supply, considering we are instructed to take 2 tablets per day for the best benefits. The capsules are pretty intimidating. In fact, the reason why I hesitating on trying these vitamins are because of the size they are. 

But when I swallowed them for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. They were so easy and glided down my throat with ease! I have taken vitamins smaller than these and found myself almost choking so why were these huge pills so easy to swallow. I believe it is the texture of the capsules themselves which are very smooth. I am so thankful for that!! I have not had any trouble taking these vitamins since the very first pill!

My Experience (1 Month)

My Hair

I first tried these vitamins when I was relaxing my hair in order to thicken up my thinning ends. I noticed a HUGE difference in my hair only after taking Hairfinity for 1 month! When taking before and after pictures,I noticed that my hair looked significantly thicker! I couldn't believe my eyes! I was more in shock about the thickness than I was about the rapid growth!

My Relaxed Days (1 month comparison)

My Shedding
Every now and again, I find myself with excessive shedding. I am not sure if it is due to the weather, growth aids, or natural causes but it happens and it gets annoying. While taking Hairfinity, I noticed that my hair's shedding decreases SIGNIFICANTLY! I could now wash my hair without losing clumps of hair and style my hair without finding loose hairs all over the place!

My Growth
Extra hair growth is the most popular reason why ladies consider taking this product. Honestly, I wasn't looking for extra growth at all because I am a skeptical when it comes to believing that vitamins actually grow your hair. I took different vitamins and not once saw growth. So when I saw my hair growth during the first month of taking the vitamins, I did not believe that Hairfinity was the cause as I was adding other growth aids to my regimen during the same time. However, I have been taking Hairfinity consecutively now for 4 months now and not a month has gone by where I did not see double my growth rate. 
Yes, I do normally see extra growth because of the other growth aids that I continually try out, however, there are times where I wouldn't use any growth aids whatsoever (besides the Hairfinity) and to my surprise, my hair still got its extra growth! The only suspect was then Hairfinity. It was hard to admit at first, but now I am just excited that, for the very first time, a vitamin actually contributes to my hair growth rate!

My Skin
A lot of people seem to have problems with their skin when it comes to using these vitamins. I've seen lots of reviews of people saying that they got horrible breakouts once taking these. I am grateful to say that I did not get horrible breakouts. In fact, just the opposite happened. Hairfinity helped CLEAR my skin! I was getting breakouts here and there continuously before taking these vitamins. During my first 30 days I actually noticed that my skin cleared up! I was so impressed with this! Of course once the bottle was finished and I stopped taking the vitamins, my acne came back. I thought it was all in my mind, but come December 2015 when I started taking the vitamins again...HELLO CLEAR SKIN! It goes to say that these vitamins don't just help me with my hair, but my skin as well!

My Nails
Nails. It seems to be that no matter which type of HSN vitamin you take, the nails are the first thing to grow. Hairfinity was different in the fact that they not only helped my nails to grow but the vitamins also made them healthy! 

In the picture above, you can clearly see the difference in my cuticles and overall nail health. These pictures were taken 30 days apart with the exact same nail polish on. I was really happy with how they were growing. The downside is that my nails kept breaking off. I thought it was just my everyday lifestyle and how I am horrible with keeping my nails well manicured and how I peel them off just in the sense of boredom. I truly believe that whenever I decide to get my bad nail habits under control, Hairfinity will continue to help them stay beautiful.

The biggest and probably only complaint I have about these hair, skin, and nail vitamins is the price. People often ask how come I stop taking the vitamins if I got such great results, and the only answer I could give was the price. Hairfinity retails for $24.99 for 1 bottle. This is a high price compared to its competitors selling their vitamins for less than $20, often for more than a 30 day supply as well. Hairfinity helps combat this by sending out discount codes to the subscribers of their newsletter just about every other month. 

Final Thoughts
Because of all of these GREAT benefits from the Hairfinity vitamins, I have declared these the Number 1 Hair Vitamins on the market! 

I have gotten nothing but exceptional results with these miracle hair supplements and I can not see me putting them down. The price is definitely up there but from where I'm standing, it is worth it!! If you ever find your hair in a rut and need extra help from the inside out, I HIGHLY recommend these hair vitamins! I have ordered a 12 months supply so there is no excuse for me to run out and I see myself ordering another year's supply once these run out!

Ready to try Hairfinity for yourself? Order here!

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