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Hair Benefits of Bamboo Leaf Tea

Tea. A hot drink made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water. Who knew that nature would have so much to offer our hair?

What is Bamboo Leaf Tea?

Bamboo Leaf Tea is an herbal tea used back for thousands of years. It is a special tea because of its silica content. Silica is a mineral great for bone growth and the development of the body. Silica helps rebuild tissues and is a key ingredient for those with thinning hair. If you are looking for stronger and longer hair, silica is the mineral for you.

How I Came Across It

Bamboo Leaf Tea was introduced to me while I was doing my usual research on how to help my hair grow to its full potential. I had been reading about it and wanting to try it for some time. The reason why it took me a while to try is because the tea can not be bought from any supermarket. It has to be purchased online or from a Chinese market. So what got me to finally try it?

My Youtube friend MJ is known for educating her subscribers on the health benefits of the hair. She mentioned it in one of her videos which got me excited. After talking about it for a little while, we decided to do a 30 day bamboo leaf tea challenge! I immediately ordered the tea bags and got to drinking 1 cup every single day for 30 days. The results I got were amazing! I couldn't believe the overall health of my hair!

There was a time where I was relaxed and had gotten severe breakage due to going too long stretching my hair without properly taking care of it and the tea helped me make that comeback FAST! It helped strengthen my hair as well as speed up my hair growth! I couldn't believe what one cup a day was doing for my hair! I had to continue to buy more!

The Taste

When I first tried the tea I was a bit disappointed. Although I am a tea drinker, I was used to drinking teas with a sweeter and fruity taste to them. So when I brewed my first cup of bamboo leaf tea, you can imagine my face when I found out that it tastes like dirt. I remember smelling it first seeing that it smelled like dirt but I couldn't believe that it ACTUALLY TASTED LIKE DIRT! But after experimenting with it, I found that the tea can be absolutely delicious when a good amount of honey is added to it. This sweetens the tea in a natural way leave the taste subtle and smooth.

After a few months of drinking the tea, I got so used to the taste that I can now drink the tea with nothing added to it. That "earthly" taste is actually fine with me. I also learned that if you put the tea in the refrigerator and drink it cold, that it honestly just tastes like water which in that case doesn't bother me whatsoever. 

How to Brew

When bought online, Bamboo Leaf Tea is usually accessible in tea bags like most other teas. In that case, you just drop the tea bag in a cup of hot water, let it seep a few minutes and enjoy. I found that the tea bags are so potent that they can be re-seeped about 3 or 4 times before the effectiveness wears off.

Although I was enjoying my bamboo leaf tea bags, I had to stop purchasing them because the online sources were out of stock constantly! And for long periods of time. It bothered me a lot so I took matters into my own hands and took a trip to Chinatown where I came across a Chinese grocery store. There they had a 12oz bag of dried bamboo leaves for about $3.00! 

I was so excited! I bought a tea kettle and infuser and started drinking the tea every day again! I was so happy that I now had tea accessible to me whenever I wanted it! All I had to do was crush the leaves and add them to the tea infuser, flip the cup upside down, and allow it to brew. I also got a coffee press that helps me brew even more tea at a time! This is how I currently brew my tea to this day. 

Bamboo Leaf Tea is an amazing tea. It has been a part of my regimen for 2 years now and I don't see it leaving it anytime soon.

Have you drank bamboo leaf tea? What were your results?

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