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Asherlee Naturals

"Asherlee provides products which maximize the use of gentle, nourishing and all-natural ingredients that caters to your unique needs. Our company ethos is to nurture the beauty and health and well being of all; and promote the education and maintenance of your healthy hair."


Black Soap Shampoo

Let me start out by saying that I instantly fell in love with this cleanser the moment it touched my hair. The directions say to pour the shampoo directly onto wet hair and massage into scalp. The lather that came from this shampoo is out of this world and the softness that was presented to me was just not fair to my other cleansers. Once my hair was clean, I noticed that not only was my scalp looking healthy, but the shine and moisture that came out of this shampoo was enough to make me fall in love! My curls did not feel stripped with this shampoo at all and I will officially be making this my shampoo of choice.

LOVE, Herbal Water, Aloe Vera, Black Soap, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Castor Oil, Honey, ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils (Rosemary, Lavender, Tea-tree & Peppermint), Optiphen Plus & Fragrance.


Liquid Black Soap

What Is It?
Black soap, also called African Black Soap is soap made from the ash of locally harvested plants and barks such a plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark. Black soap is traditionally made in West Africa, typically Ghana, from secret recipes. Varieties of black soap actually made in Africa tend to be pure, while soaps made in Europe or the U.S. tend to have added artificial ingredients.


Kemi Oyl

Kemi Natural Products is dedicated to providing the finest beauty, health, and personal care products.We are confident that our products will make a noticeable difference to your hair, skin and complete body care. 


Healthier Hair with Vanity Planet

I have recently had the pleasure of using a few of Vanity Planet's products and I just need to take a moment to rave about them.

Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

What Is It?

The brush gently lifts away dead skin cells and increases circulation to keep your hair and scalp healthy and clean. 



What is SNAPPEE?

SNAPPEE is a black owned business created by Keziah. She was inspired to create a versatile, hair-friendly accessory to support her natural hair styles but much more a hair tie that would not damage her hair when using it. Between the standard bun for the gym, afros and up-dos for auditions, Keziah had only wished a hair accessory existed to transform her hair throughout the day. Thus, the SNAPPEE, Snap-Off Hair Tie was born!  


StyleWe Review

It is Spring time and colors are in! I am feeling vibrant and thought I would put together this Spring look for you all while reviewing an excellent online clothing company!


Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist-N-Shout Cream

Curls' newest line Blueberry Bliss has a Twist-N-Shout cream that promises to give you the perfect twist-out/braid-out so great it will make you wanna shout! As a new natural looking for the perfect products for my hair, I just had to give this one a try. Let's talk about it.


Hair Benefits of Bamboo Leaf Tea

Tea. A hot drink made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water. Who knew that nature would have so much to offer our hair?


Hairfinity Vitamins

Hairfinity. Probably the most well known hair, skin, and nail vitamins on the market today. You can't look up any hair vitamins without coming across these popular ones. But WHY are they so popular?


TRESemme' Naturals Discontinued?!

I have just received the news that my staple cowashing conditioner TRESemme' Naturals has been discontinued!! WHO APPROVED THIS?!


Moroccan Red Clay Mask

When I first heard of washing your hair with dirt I was like "Whaaaaaaaaat?! That sounds...weird." It was hard to wrap my mind around it. But as I began to read more and more about its benefits, I was like " I have GOT to try this stuff!"

The usage of Red Clay goes way back into ancient times. Red Clay is also known as Rhassoul Clay, originally mined from Morocco. It is known to get rid of build up, relieve itchy scalp, moisturize hair, soften hair, and define curl pattern.

My Process
Mixing the clay was a breeze. All I did was measure out 1/2 cup of clay with enough warm water to make a pudding-like consistency. I used my clear, pink plastic mixing bowl and a plastic spoon to mix the clay. It is said that using metal will affect the properties of the clay so staying away from any metal when applying this clay is best. Once mixing, I applied the clay to my hair. I soon found out the the wetter the hair is, the easier it is for the clay to glide through my hair. I could practically detangle with it! I applied it to both my scalp and my hair since I was using it to clarify any build up I had on my scalp.

Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil may be the most popular and most accessible growth aid around! Have you noticed that most growth-aids can't be found in stores, but have to be bought online? It can be very inconvenient for someone ready to start their accelerated growth journey immediately! Not to mention, can be a pain when we get to those last few drops in the bottle unexpectedly, and need to restock immediately!

WGHO goes for about $8.00 for 4 fl oz. which has proven to be one of the least expensive growth aids I have come across! One bottle, when used as directed, has lasted me AT THE LEAST, 2 months! That is quite a long time for a product that costs me less than $10.00!
The easy access to this product is the first great thing among others of why I really like this product. Not only can it be bought online, but you can also find it at ANY of your local Sally Beauty Supply stores! AND FOR A GREAT PRICE!

Now another reason and THE MAIN REASON, why I really like this product is because of it's effectiveness! Not is this oil super moisturizing to my strands, but it has proven to increase my hair growth rate!

A product that gives my hair moisture, shine, AND extra growth is a GREAT product in my book!


The Puff

The Puff is one of the most popular styles among the natural hair community. It seems that the bigger the puff, the more admirable the hair. It's the style that most newly naturals hope to achieve right after the big chop. For me, however, it took me a little while before I could achieve a decent looking puff. 

My Journey to Pocahontas Length

My Journey to Pocahontas Length

As most of you may know, my ultimate hair goal is to achieve long and healthy Pocahontaslength hair. I have wanted hair like her my entire life and now that I know how to grow out my hair, I WILL achieve that goal.

Although I was only a few inches away in 2014, my ends were just not thick enough to achieve hair like hers which resulted in me cutting them, inch by inch. I finally decided that if I’m going to ever reach my hair goal to be as long, healthy, and THICK as Pocahontas, I would have to do it with my hair at its MOST HEALTHY state.

 I then made the decision to stop applying chemicals to my hair as they were not helping my hair with its thickness. I transitioned for 1 year and finally big chopped on April 19, 2015.

Since big chopping, I have had the pleasure of getting reacquainted with my hair in learning more about it than I ever have before. After a few months of bonding time, my hair and I have come up with a regimen in which we are both happy with. I am now ready to grow my hair down my back!